How to make kids read educational books?

9. Китайски и японски приказкиBoth adults and children are divided into those who love reading and others who dislike it. Even the most interesting book in the world is helpless in that case. In addition, addicted readers often prefer fictional pages than educational ones. That`s why, recently I bought for my child an encyclopedia and two books by Svetlio Kantardzhiev and New Media Group.
Fairy tales are very important for children`s development but the kid need to read popular science and educational literature, too.
How to make kids read educational books – that is the point.
Firstly, the most significant thing is to instigate excitement. For example, if the book is related to natural science you can take the kid on a visit to National History Museum. If the content is historical you should visit local archaeological museum. One thing is for sure, your visiting will cause questions, curiosity, issues etc. Then you can tell stories about what you both saw in the museum. The child will ask you from where do you know all these exciting facts and that is the perfect moment to share „the secret? – „from children`s educational books?, delicately and without turning it into a liability.
On the contrary, one way ticket to books hatelanding is to convert the book into an obligation.